Hi my name is Mike Brajkovich. I have been developing software professionally for over 8 years. I generally work with C# and the .NET framework, focusing mostly on API's and back-end services. I invest all the time that I can into learning and further understanding the tools that I work with. I am happiest when creating products that streamline people's lives.

I am a Chicago native. I am a Saluki —a graduate of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I hold a Bachelor of Science and a Master's degree in Computer Science and I have minors in both Mathematics and Chinese. Aside from coding I also love gaming, technology, music, and travelling. I like to share some of my travel and food photos on my Instagram which you can find here. You can see a short summary of projects I have worked on below. For some of the personal projects I have worked on check out my GitHub profile here.


Swank Motion Pictures - Swank Streaming Server

Maintain and improve the streaming platform that provides tens of thousands of licensed Hollywood movies to elementary schools and univerisites across the country.

Tech: C#, .Net Framework & .NET Core, Angular, Typescript, Docker/Kubernetes, Helm, Azure

Envision Healthcare - Online ER Scheduling

Perform system upgrades and implement features while maintaining data integrity and minimizing downtime for over 700+ hospitals across the US. Quickly implement changes based on evolving healthcare business practices.

Tech: C#, ASP.Net MVC, SignalR, Javascript/jQuery

West Virgina Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council - Online Project Portal

Developed a custom web portal that entirely replaced the client's existing software and paper-based processes; led to recurring million dollar maintenance contracts

Tech: C#, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET Web API, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Knockout, Durandal

US Army Corps of Engineers - Risk Assesment Tool and Collaborative Portal

Found and optimized performance bottlenecks to facilitate access for clients with poor internet connectivity.

Tech: Node.js, Express, Oracle Database, Jade Templating Engine, Javascript/jQuery

The Gallerist Online Board Game

Converted a physical board game (The Gallerist) into an online real-time multiplayer game with authentication, lobbies, tutorials, emails and a fully working replica of the game board.

Tech: ASP.NET MVC, Razor, ASP.NET Identity Framework, SignalR, SQL Server Express LocalDB, Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS Javascript/jQuery, qTip2